● Illustrator ● Potato Eater ●

Eileen Kai Hing Kwan likes cleanliness, lovely clothes and potatoes. Eileen graduated
from Middlesex University with a First Class Honours in BA Illustration, and has since worked
as a London-based Freelance Illustrator. Alongside Illustration, Eileen also part-time lectures at
Middlesex University and has also designed and produced several books and anthologies
with Middlesex University and The Drawn Chorus Collective.

Eileen illustrates in pencil and gouache, where she creates delicate yet unusual dream-like drawings.
Her illustrations draw inspiration from intricateness, whimsical thoughts and all things
Victoriana and dapper; as well as her cultural background. Eileen loves Fairy Tales and
traditional stories, and particularly adores Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Her artistic inspirations include Golden Age Illustrators, Kay Nielsen, Harry Clarke
and John Bauer; alongside Fashion Illustrator Laura Laine and Japanese Pop Artist Aya Kato.

Eileen was Shortlisted in The AOI Illustration Awards 2013 for her, The Queen of Hearts illustration
from The Drawn Chorus Collective's, Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition in January 2013.


● Exhibitions ●

January 2013 – The Drawn Chorus Collective ‘s debut show, Curiouser and Curiouser
February 2013 – Twenty Something London’s 2013 KNOW MORE ART’ exhibition
September 2013 – The Drawn Chorus Collective’s, The Greatest Show on Earth
November 2013 – The Drawn Chorus Collective’s re-exhibition of The Greatest Show on Earth
March 2014 – BaktoBak’s, Beer, Tea and British Folklore
May-June 2014 – The Deli Cafe, e17 Art Trail 2014
August 2014 – The Drawn Chorus Collective’s, AHOY!
November 2014 – The Drawn Chorus Collective’s, 'Tales from the Deep' Anthology Book Launch
November 2014 - Dog & Pony Gallery, Munich, Germany, Advents Salon
May-June 2015 – The Deli Cafe, e17 Art Trail 2015 - Illustrated Tea & Biscuits
Nov 2015 - But First, Coffee, Christmas Show
Dec 2015 - Dog & Pony Gallery, Munich, Germany, Advents Salon
Dec 2015 - The Drawn Chorus Collective's, 'Easy As' Alphabet Book Launch & Exhibition
Nov 2015 - Jan 2016 – Mother's Ruin Gin Palace, an exhibition with Carl Harris aka CatBoy, The Nutcracker